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Traffic Safety John Buxton
Fall Conference Greg Halberg
Condolence Greg Halberg
Bridge Dennis Sweatman
Tri-County Golf Tim Card
New Superintendent Steering Art Malecki
Mutual Aid/Disaster Larry Mee
Picnic Aaron Burnett & John Buxton
Municipal Purchasing Paul Abram
Yearbook Bill Phillips
50/50 Raffle Dan Strickland
Shared Services Tom Pilling
Radio Melvin Peterson
Highway School Dave Babcock & Sam Ognibene
UFPO/Dig Safe Jeff Lehman
Field Trip Rob Carlson
By-Laws Greg Hallberg
Nomination Scott Trisket
Retirement Greg Hallberg
Toys for Kids Doug Peterson
Water Quality Dave Spann
Ladies Nite Tom Pilling
Surface Treating Art Malecki
Advocacy Day Greg Hallberg
Supervisor Assoc Dan Strickland
Tri-County Steering Tim Card

President and 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents are Ad Hoc Members
of all Committees